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Summer Collection

  • A brass cuff with rolo chain, Herkimer quartz and brass star charm.

    Chandler Brass Cuff

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  • Two 14k gold filled cuffs one with the word "Forever" and one with the word "Loved" stamped into them and stacked on top of a third silver cuff with the word "Aspen" stamped on it.

    Custom Word Bracelet

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  • A wire wrap bracelet with oxidized sterling silver chain and 14k gold fill paperclip chain wrap as well as ‘loved’ stamped 14k gold fill bar with added antique coin detail wrapped around a small pillow.

    Vero Love Wire Wrap Bracelet

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  • Sterling silver chain necklace with brass carved arrow and crystal charm.

    Cupid Necklace

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  • A delicate necklace with oxidized sterling silver chain, mixed with a rich, gold bar and a quarter-size antique coin.

    Alofi Mixed Metal Necklace

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  • A delicate gold chain necklace with stamped gold coin charm and small pearl.

    Amore Gold Necklace

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  • A 14k gold filled paperclip chain necklace with a brass coin, crystal and large baroque pearl.

    Atlas Gold Necklace

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  • A brass cuff with large square pieces linked together with 14k gold fill plates and an adjustable leather closure.

    Axel Brass Cuff

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