HUNT Bowman Shred Leather Bracelet

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We are best known for our handmade leather bracelets and the Bowmen shred leather bracelet is an evolution of our craftsmanship. We shred a single piece of leather into small pieces and wire wrap dainty beads onto each layer for a textured, stacked effect. The Hunt Bowman leather shred is finished with an easy snap closure on the back that is stamped with a Greek Mati protection eye for safety. The custom, grey Horween leather is a subtle and soft backdrop for the Nepalese turquoise and antique African trading beads. This piece is a tradional turquoise piece with flair.

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Product Details:
• 14k gold filled wire wrapping
• Genuine Horween leather
• Nepalese Turquosie
• African Trade Beads
• One size fits all adjusable buckle
• 7 inch secured cuff