TIAGO Forged Wire Bracelet


We make every wire wrap bracelet from raw material. The wire is cut to measure, then forged on an anvil for texture and strength, and handstamped with a light pattern to add a touch of character. We finish our process by hand polishing the piece and checking for any imperfections. The 14k gold-filled metal wears like real gold. The layer of gold is so durable that this piece can be worn to the gym, in the ocean and even polished. The Tiago features a strand of oxodized, silver, flat chain for an edgy look. This design is best for women who want a layered look that is dainty and feminine.

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Product Details:
• 14k Gold Filled
• .925 sterling chain
• 1 bangle with beading and chain attached
• Lobster claw closure to secure
• Malleable for adjustable fit