The butterfly necklace is one of the most special necklace you can own or give. Each wing has been collected in South America after the butterfly’s brief life cycle and encased in acrylic to preserve it. The opalescent nature of each wing is incredible, when the sun hits the wing the colors come alive as if the butterfly is still fluttering through the air. The butterfly is a symbol of life’s beauty, transformation, and need to live in the present. Each wing is completely unique and tells its own story and by wearing this statement necklace its story is passed to you with all its symbolism and beauty. The Ruby Butterfly Wing necklace is the edgy version of buterfly collection, with all black and a touch of ruby red this piece shows your wild and free side.  The 14 karat gold filled chain and metal work make for a piece that wont overtake the wing but compliment it while lasting a liftime without tarnishing. 

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Product Details:
• Morpho Butterfly
• Acrylic
• 14k gold filled metal
• 20″ or 32″
• Adjustable
• lobsterclaw clasp