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Husband and wife design duo Taylor and Adam Tessier launched their jewelry line, Taylor and Tessier, in the Fall of 2010 out of Aspen, CO. Inspired by the colorful Colorado landscape, each Taylor and Tessier design is infused with a sense of nature, color, and texture that is a tribute to the beauty that surrounds them. The Taylor and Tessier aesthetic is formed through a unique combination of hide and exotic leathers, wire wrapping, coral, and semi-precious gemstones and crystals, for a look that is both modern and organic. Each piece is meticulously designed and crafted by hand in their Aspen atelier.

“We get to work with amazing people everyday in Aspen, our clients are well traveled, talented, and influential style setters and frankly we feed off their energy. When you design for people with the best taste in the world, you have to really make something that sets your work apart and speaks to them”

The Taylor and Tessier brand is rooted in making exceptional and high quality jewelry, with excellent customer service, in a casual, unpretentious manner.


The logo is the sum of Taylor and Adam. The first “T’ is Taylor’s, it is feminine and graceful. The second “T” is Adam’s, it is masculine and strong. Combined the two make for the perfect balance, the design idea behind Taylor and Tessier is just that.