Four Charms We Love

If you’ve followed along on our journey as jewelry designers, you know how much we love adding unique charms to our jewelry collections. We look forward to February every year, because that’s when we get to go on a road trip to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show to hunt for new charms. The show attracts vendors from around the world, and we always leave with a special something that brings new meaning to our work.

Signet Ring

Often referred to as “seal rings,” signet rings have been around for centuries. Back in the day, they served as the literal signature of a person and were used to make sure methods of communication, such as letters, fell into the right hands. How times have changed! What sets these rings apart is an engraved symbol, word, or letter on the top half of the ring, often used to seal letters with hot wax. 

At one of our gem shows, we spotted a set of signet rings, one with the outline of a male figure and the other a female figure, from an Ethiopian vendor who specialized in antique jewelry. We almost missed his booth, tucked away and small, but fortunately we were drawn in by his intriguing collection. 

When we returned to our studio, we made impressions of the rings by pressing them into hot wax and casting the designs into two brass molds. From this organic process, we created two coin-shaped charms, each with a delicate outline of a male and female. Our goal with this design is to represent a balance of masculinity and femininity. 

Traveling Woman

In the summertime, Aspen comes alive with a mix of locals and travelers. At Taylor and Tessier, we have a deep appreciation and passion for exploration , which is why we are thrilled to incorporate the traveling woman charm into our summer line. We found this one-of- a-kind antique piece from a dealer in the U.K. We made an impression of the design using hot wax and replicated it into a brass, oval-shaped charm that adds a subtle touch of adventure and curiosity to any piece.

The Lion

At one of the gem shows, we stumbled upon a sweet man that collected rare, vintage coins. It had been a hard few years for us. My pregnancy journey was anything but easy. One of the smallest coins in his collection caught my attention. When I looked closer, I immediately felt a shift in energy. On it was a lion’s head—an animal that symbolizes strength and resiliency. It was a simple but powerful reminder that I am strong, and it gave me hope for my future as a mother. Theo, our son, is now 15 months old, and he is absolutely wonderful.

Whether it’s a pregnancy journey or mental health or finances or relationships, we all experience struggle. I hope people will wear this charm and remember to have hope, for we all are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

A Touch of Nature

We’ve always loved ancient Greek culture. Everything from the currency to the artwork to the literature is captivating. But above all, we’ve admired their appreciation for and connection to mother nature. So, when we spotted a Greek coin stamped with a deer on one side and a bee on the other, we knew we had to have it.

Living in the Roaring Fork Valley—a term used to describe the quaint towns between Aspen and Glenwood Springs— we are surrounded by nature. People come here to rebalance by hiking, camping, and skiing. When we are outdoors, soaking up the fresh air, the peace and quietness ground us and make us feel whole. The vibrant colors inspire our work and revive our creativity daily. 

This coin has so much meaning. The bee symbol represents a species that is critical to our world and economy—bees pollinate wild plants, which are a main source of food for wildlife. And the deer represents an animal we see every day in our very own backyard. We hope our clients wear these charms and remember the importance of preserving and protecting mother nature, so we can all continue to enjoy it.