Our Process

Taylor and Tessier's creations are imbued with the essence of location, capturing the essence of cherished memories reimagined.

Conceived within the creative sanctuary of their Aspen Valley studio, each piece of jewelry is a harmonious fusion of Taylor and Adam's individual talents. Their collaborative process gives rise to designs that are a captivating interplay of structured elegance and playful charm.

"The interplay of masculine and feminine elements is a hallmark of our design philosophy," Taylor explains. "Finding harmony in contrasting materials is central to our collective creative process."

The essence of place is deeply woven into the fabric of Taylor and Tessier's designs, from the rugged majesty of Colorado to the verdant depths of a Balinese landscape. Their jewelry not only symbolizes a location but also encapsulates its spirit in a form that is both enduring and daily wearable.

"In every stage of crafting our jewelry," Adam reflects, "we consider its longevity in style and form. Our aspiration is for each piece to be timeless, which demands the highest standard of craftsmanship."

"The interplay of masculine & feminine elements is a hallmark of our design philosophy..."