The Sabbatical We Never Knew We Needed

Almost one year ago, the world shut down in the midst of a pandemic. Small businesses like our beloved jewelry line, Taylor and Tessier, took an especially hard hit. We had to cancel shows on the road, take a summer off selling and seeing our favorite customers at the Aspen Saturday Market, and hunker down at our home in Carbondale. Little did we know at the time, we would be taking the year-long sabbatical we never knew we needed.

A sabbatical is defined as a rest or break from work. In the world of academia, a professor takes one to dive into research or traveling or writing. Artists take them to restore their creative mentality. As jewelry designers and business owners with more time than usual on our hands, a sabbatical presented an opportunity for us to slow down and focus on what matters most—our handmade creations, our dedicated clients, our friends and family, and most importantly, our son. 

Let me paint you a picture of life before—our days were filled with road trips to gemstone shows in neighboring states, summer Saturdays at the market, trade shows, and private parties across the country. Life was fast-paced. We were always thinking of the next best creation. 

And life after? When Theo came into our world on Jan. 22, 2020, life was perfect and scary all at once. Holding this olive-skin, dark-haired baby in our arms, putting him in his car seat and taking him home, was a feeling like no other. Thinking about my new identity as a creative professional and a mom and wondering how in the world I would balance my first baby, Taylor and Tessier, with my new baby boy, was nerve-wracking. Meanwhile, Adam had to face the reality of going back to work full-time without me.

When our sabbatical became a reality about a month later, the circumstances were scary and financially daunting, but we chose to embrace the unknown and soak up every second with our baby boy. Instead of rushing to the office, we strapped Theo in his high chair and watched him delight in his first bite of avocado. When Adam and I were working on orders from our kitchen table, we looked over to see our beautiful Theo take his first steps. We were both there when he said “mama” for the first time. Sometimes the world gives you what you need, not what you want.  Thank you, world, for our sabbatical.

Favorite Song for the Year : Harder Rain by Hiss Golden Messenger