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  • A necklace of clear and smoky graduated quartz beads with 14k gold-filled paperclip chain, brass antrique coin and a big labradorite pendant.

    Alaia Quartz and Gold Necklace

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  • A multilayered labradorite beaded necklace with 14k gold-filled clasp and large brass teardrop charm.

    Arnica Laradorite Necklace

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  • A necklace of labradorite, Herkimer quartz and 14k gold-filled beads. Finished with an antique brass coin.

    Catori Beaded Necklace

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  • An adjustable, navy leather wrapped bracelet with 14k gold-filled hand-forged wire and labradorite.

    Claude Leather Bracelet

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  • A taupe leather bracelet with sterling silver wire-wrapped labradorite resting on a wooden bracelet stand.

    Dawn Leather Bowman Bracelet

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  • Frida Labradorite Earring

    Frida Labradorite Earring

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  • A pair of white pearl earrings with 14k gold-filled backs and labradorite beads.

    Hali Pearl Earrings

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  • Journey Gold Necklace

    Journey Gold Necklace

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  • A black leather shred bracelet featuring labradorite beads and pearls and finished with a 14k gold bar resting on a chunk of quartz.

    Marin Leather Shred Bracelet

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  • An adjustable wire wrap bracelet with sterling silver wire wrapped in baby pearls, African silver beads and faceted labradorite.

    Minos Wrap Bracelet

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  • A short necklace with 14k gold fill paperclip chain, labradorite pieces, and brass coin charm with the word "loved" stamped into it.

    To Love

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  • 14k gold-filled hoop earrings with wire-wrapped labradorite beads.

    Volara Gold Hoop Earrings

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  • A 14k gold-filled wire bracelet double wrapped with strands of pearl, labradorite and gold chain, with a lobster claw closure.

    Zara Wire Wrap Bracelet

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